Hi there !

I'm Ranto Rasolomahefa

Senior Full Stack Developer

Logical and creative thinker. Passionate about coding and everything related to IT development. Highly skilled in back-end and front-end development, expert in WordPress development, and have the ability to solve complex problems efficiently.

  • I contacted Ranto desperate to figure out what was going on with a website of mine and he quickly and effeciently solved the problem and has been coming to my rescue when needed for the last couple of years now. I highly recommend Ranto for any web solutions that you are looking for. He is quick to respond, always fast and always figures it out! - Noella Anne, Wellcurated Creative Agency Ltd.

  • I would highly recommend the services of Ranto. We have a complex website + he was always able to create an efficient solution to any problem I threw at him. Ranto was able to fix problems that local developers said they could not, I affectionately called him my “miracle worker”. Even though we live continents apart the level of customer service was top-notch. Deadlines were always met + there were prompt answers to any questions. - Charla Smeall, Third + Bird

  • Ranto was very responsive to all our requests and surpassed our expectations for our website. He was able to complete all that many others developer were not able to do. I would definitely recommend him! - Edward Marquez, EM Solution Ltd.

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